Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sisters In War, The Book

With the Iraq War fading from the American peoples' memory, Christina Asquith's book "Sisters In War" didn't get much attention compared to books published earlier during this war.

Since 2003, I've read a number of books about the war in Iraq. Most of those books reflected the author's position on the war in Iraq - no matter how much the author tried to stay neutral. I couldn't tell one way or the other with Christina Asquith's book because it reflected the position of the four women whose stories she covered in the book.

My favorite woman in the book is Manal Omar, a Palestinian-American who opposed the Iraq war. But, she accepted an offer from Women to Women International, and she went to Baghdad in 2003 to help Iraqi women in many good ways. She's an example of how someone can oppose a war, but still help rebuild the lives of people traumatized by war and disorder.

The book focused on the Iraqi women as well as their dreams and struggles in a world that has changed so much. Since 2003, a simple walk on the street requires some good survival skills.

The book is a page turner. I hope you get to read it, enjoy it and learn something new about Iraq.

Sisters in War

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