Saturday, February 07, 2009

American Wife, The Book

I first heard of Curtis Sittenfeld and the book "American Wife" in December 2008.

I'm not "into" romance novels. But, the reviews attracted me to the book. Considering how slow I read and how long the book is, I actually found the time to read the book during weekends.

The book is a fictional biography of former First Lady Laura Bush. It's also the reason why I decided to read the book. No matter how much the American people disliked former President Bush, the former First Lady had a high approval rating among the people. I relate her popularity to her Southern charm, sincere smile and down-to-earth personality.

The book starts very strong by explaining the childhood and youth of the fictional Laura Bush. Toward the third quarter of the book, it starts to drag a bit. So, I flipped through pages to get to the next interesting part.

As someone who's fond of reading books and world events, I can distinguish between fiction and non-fiction. I'm certain some may read the book and consider every word written about Laura Bush to be factual. This may not be fair to her. Similarly, it's not fair to make assumptions about public figures, celebrities or people we barely know.

The book is well-written. However, it could have been shorter. Some details weren't needed in a fiction book about a First Lady. But after all, it's a romance fiction.

American Wife


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