Sunday, October 26, 2008

"W." The Movie

After watching Oliver Stone's movie "W.," the saying "anyone can become the President of The United States of America" has a whole different meaning.

Oliver Stone delivered a well-balanced movie about George W. Bush. For many people who wanted Oliver to be Oliver, this movie may disappoint.

The handsome Josh Brolin did a great job as W. But, the Oscar for best supporting actor goes to Richard Dreyfuss for his portrayal of Dick Cheney.

People who have seen the movie are shocked that Oliver Stone portrays Bush as human. I think his decision was genius because it gives more contrast to the character when compared to the current administration hawks. You listen to him, then listen to them and you get the whole picture of how we ended up in Iraq. Or, should I say, how the current administration took advantage of 9/11 to advance its agenda in the Middle East.

The Soundtrack

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