Sunday, July 20, 2008

Laughing Without An Accent

I first heard of Firooseh Dumas on NPR late June when she was interviewed by Scott Simon about her new memoir, "Laughing Without an Accent."

I made a mental note to buy her book in the future. Mark, who also happened to hear her interview on NPR, insisted I buy the book without delay. I did, and that's how I discovered Firooseh Dumas, whose name means the same in Farsi as mine means in Arabic -- turquoise.

It wasn't the humor that made me love this book and find the time to read it. It was discovering how much Iraqi and Iranian cultures have in common. For two countries, who fought a long, eight-year war, you would think we were from Mars and the Iranians were from Venus. It turns out the two cultures are almost identical. I seriously found myself in this book.

With most books, the author puts the best content at the beginning of the book. With Firooseh, the book got better with every chapter I read. The last chapter actually brought tears to my eyes. It would be a good read for the "Bomb Iran" cheerleaders -- although I doubt it would change their minds.

For the last few weeks during my almost daily latte' ritual at Borders after work, I would pick up a copy of the book at the store, read a chapter or two and leave the book on the cafe table. Yesterday, I noticed there were only two copies left at the store. I'd like to believe people bought all the copies I left on the table :-)

Without an Accent

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