Saturday, June 21, 2008

How To Learn English In Two Minutes

Sorry for the long absence. Life has been busy at the Hancock household since we moved back to Dallas. Before I resume normal blogging, I thought I'd share the following humor with my Arabic-speaking readers. And for non-Arabic speakers, I hope you enjoy the humor of trying to imagine what the Arabic phrases actually mean.

مقبلات : Kissers

مقلوبة : Upside down

جوز هند : Hind's Husband

معمول بالجوز : Made in husband

قمار : Moons

مكتب المراجعات : Vomit office

لم أهرب قط : I never escaped a cat

يتقبل : To be kissed

السلطة المطلقة : Divorced salad

خطر على بالي : Danger on my mind

لا يمت لي بصلة : He does not die to me an onion

كفيل : Like an elephant

جوزين جوارب : Two husbands of socks

إنه أُمي : He is my mother

خليها على حسابي : Keep it on my mathematics

سعيد كتب كتابه على فيفي : Happy wrote his book on InIn

دستور يا أهل الدار : Constitution home parents

قدر ظروفي : Evaluate my envelopes

ليش يابعد عمري : Why after my age

ظروف قاهرة : Cairo envelopes

من هون لهون : From here to here

يستر على عرضك : Cover on your wide

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