Saturday, December 15, 2007

No Christmas In Basra

Source: Ankawa Online
Basrawi Christians and Muslims attend the funeral of Maysoon, 42, and Osama, 45, Fareed At Mar Afram Chaldean Church in Basra, Iraq. The two siblings were killed by members of the Shia Militias on Sunday, Dec. 9, 2007.

By Queen Amidala
Basra, Iraq

Dear all,

With great sorrow, I bring sad news. The militias struck again. This time, they killed a brother and sister. The militias kidnapped them, killed them and then dumped their bodies away from their residence.

If it wasn't for the people who witnessed the murder and then collected the corpses, the dogs might have feasted on their bodies.

The victims names are Mayson and Osmam Fareed. They lived in our neighborhood and attended our church.

Neither one had any connections to the Brits. Mayson worked at a local clinic. Osama was a maintenance worker. They lived in a rented house owned by a Sunni family, who fled Basra. The militias wanted to evict them from the house. The siblings refused to submit to the militias' harrasment. People say the Shia militias wanted the house for a Shia family that was displaced from another part of the country.

The murder of Mayson and Osama hit the Basrawi Christian community very hard. Fr. Emmad, who collected their bodies and presided over the funeral, asked us to cancel any Christmas celebrations this year. In light of Mayson and Osama's death, we all agreed.

There is more disturbing news. Female university students who don't cover their heads are being threatened by students, who are members of the Shia militias.

My family, including myself, decided to flee the country as soon as possible. There's no safe place in Basra anymore.

Pray for us. I know you always do.


Queen Amidala
Basra, Iraq

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