Thursday, November 22, 2007

Why Do We Love Our Native Cities?

Egyptian actor Hussein Fehmi says it all in this video from Egypt.

It's been more than 13 years since I left Iraq and 19 years since I left Basra. Still, when I put my head to sleep, it's Basra that I see in my dreams. It's rarely Sydney, Dallas, Amman, Baghdad or any other city I lived in before.

Why does Basra have its roots in my dreams? Is the 100 percent humidity during summer? Is it the fresh fish we ate very frequently? Is the Indian spice market? Is it the eight long years of the Iran-Iraq war, when we witnessed the destruction of our Basra?

It's simply the people. A breed you can't find in Baghdad, Sydney, Dallas or Amman.

Since I moved to Beaumont, I have this inner feeling of being back to Basra. The similarities are beyond my imagination. Beaumont is known for it high humidity, fresh seafood and sweeter-than-sugar people. It may not be the most entertaining city to live in. But, it's similar to my native city of Basra. For this little pleasure. I'm thankful this Thanksgiving Day.

A video clip of Iraqi singer Amal khuthayer filmed in Basra many years ago.

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