Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Reclaiming Honor Project

From Esra'a
The director The Mideast Youth.

Our application concerning honor killings has (unexpectedly!) been accepted to complete a formal proposal which can lead us towards a serious amount of funding, $100,000+

Before we get into the details, we want someone who:

1) Has an honest commitment towards helping potential victims of honor killings.
2) Lives within the MENA region.
3) Is over the age of 23 and has experience in the field of activism and building formal connections with foreign and local authorities and NGOs.
4) Extensive connections in Jordan OR Iraqi Kurdistan OR Pakistan -- this is a bonus, not a requirement, we can always build connections later.
5) Fluent in English/Arabic. If you don't speak Arabic, we will provide free translations for and of your work. So this is also not a strict requirement.

This is a great opportunity for a great project. Our staff are currently too busy as it is with current campaigns. So PLEASE spread the word and have someone trustworthy help us win this funding opportunity. It will be rewarded by the Knight News Challenge which you can look up if you're curious.

Don't look at this as doing us a personal favor. This is a serious job which requires a serious amount of responsibility, passion, and networking skills. If we win the money you will receive your seat as a director of this newly founded NGO which will be the first in the world that is specifically and actively devoted to the growing issue of honor killings.

Students are discouraged from applying. You will be a fulltime paid employee/employer for this project, which is called "Reclaiming Honor." The idea for this project is developed by the author Ellen R. Sheeleywho will not run this project. But will merely serve as an occasional consultant for it. You will work independently. However -- and similar to Mideast Youth -- you will not be dictated by other organizations or governments. Details will be shared with those interested in the position.

WE HAVE UNTIL OCTOBER 27TH TO MAKE A FINAL DECISION! The final application deadline is due Nov 1st.

E-mail back ASAP if you're interested.

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