Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Simply Ranting About Basra's Situation

A few months ago, an Iraqi friend sent me an Arabic article published in an Iraqi electronic publication. The article detailed the extensive influence of Iran in Basra. At the time, I sent the article to Queen Amidala to verify the points raised in the article and whether it was worth translating to English. She asked me to translate and publish the article so the world would know what's happening in Basra. But, I didn't.

Lately, I realized nobody gives a hoot about what's happening in Basra. So, why would I waste my time on something that won't make a difference. Steven Vincent and Fakher Haider gave their lives to tell Basra's reality and nobody cared. Who am I to make a difference?

During the last two days, there's been a buzz in the British media regarding the withdrawal of the British troops from their bases in central Basra. My first reaction was: there were British troops in Basra?

What's the point of having the troops in Basra when they watch the militias fighting each others for turf without stopping the madness. They also watched the Iranians replace the Iraqi face of Basra with an Iranian one. From what I can tell, the British troops were having a picnic in Basra. The Medal of Shame goes to you all.

Not only are they leaving, but they're leaving their Iraqi interpreters to the mercy of militias. Denmark put the British government to shame when they granted asylum to their Iraqi interpreters and their families. Why can't the U.K. show the same humanitarian values?

I say to the British troops, "Leave and don't let the door hit you." Most of my Basrawi AND American friends share my opinion.

As for Basrawis, they'll survive the next round of violence like they've done for the last 27 years. For them, it's another day in hell.

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