Wednesday, July 04, 2007

The Terrorist Doctors

"Those who cure you are going to kill you.” That was the cryptic message from an Al-Qaida chief to an Anglican priest who tries to bring Iraqi sectors together.

The latest wave of terror in Britain solidified my belief that the main goal of terrorism is to change our way of life. The second goal is to make us distrust each other.

Since 9/11, our airports aren't the same. Our freedom isn't the same. Our patriotism isn't the same, and that's exactly what the terrorists want. 9/11 wasn't just about destroying buildings and killing innocent people. It was about forcing us to change our way of life.

Then came the profile of the terrorists. 9/11 New York attackers were middle-class Middle Easterners with engineering and other degrees. 7/7 London attackers were first generation young Muslim Britons. Last week, London and Glasgow attackers had medical backgrounds. DOCTORS!!! I admit I'm shocked with the new breed of Al-Qaida recruits.

Der Speigal listed militant doctors over the last years:

* Osama Bin Ladens' deputy Ayman al-Zawahiri is a pediatrician. He was originally in the Egyptian terrorist group Gamaa Islamiyya, which has a number of doctors in its ranks.

* Mahmud Sahar, a thyroid specialist, served as Hamas foreign minister.

* In a collection of obituaries for jihadists who have died in Iraq there is the story of a Saudi medical student, who broke off his studies to become a suicide bomber.

* An Egyptian doctor was viewed as an important pillar of the local Islamist scene in southern Germany before he went back to his native country in 2006. He is thought to have connections with Gamaa Islamiyya.

* In the US a doctor was convicted in May for agreeing to treat injured al-Qaida fighters.

What's more shocking is the Iraqi doctors who were part of the new cell of terror. Just in time to screw up the hopes of many decent Iraqi doctors who want to make a future in Britain and other Western countries.

Now that Al-Qaida turned our attention toward Middle-Eastern doctors working in the West, I bet it's going to turn its efforts to recruit other unsuspected professionals of Middle Eastern background. They may be nurses, teachers, athletes, actors, professional women or even journalists. The terrorist recruiters and planners would do anything to build more mistrust among us.

I know that I won't change my way of life in the West. I won't let the terrorists take it from me.

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