Sunday, June 17, 2007

Ten More Years of This Nightmare!!!!

General David Petraeus today sucked the life out of me with his comments on the bleak future awaiting Iraq and Iraqis. The Australian reports:

US forces could be needed in Iraq for a decade to battle insurgents, the top coalition commander said overnight while vowing a "forthright" review in September on whether a troop surge is working.

Speaking on Fox News, General David Petraeus said there's broad recognition in Washington that Iraq's daunting challenges will not be resolved "in a year or even two years".

"In fact, typically, I think historically, counter-insurgency operations have gone at least nine or 10 years," he said.

I respect General Petraeus for his honesty. We needed such an honesty more than three years ago.

A look at the following news and pictures will tell you why General Petraeus doesn't see much light at the end of the tunnel.

The above pictures --among others -- were sent to me by an Iraqi friend who now lives in the Denmark. He wrote in his e-mail:

I just received these pictures from Baghdad, from Hay Al-Jamiaah, where I lived in Baghdad before I left the city in 1991.

It was once a nice neighborhood. Now, it's the land of death and vengeance. I personally can't verify the pictures were taken at Al-Jamiaah neighborhood.

Then, there are the Iraqi journalists who continue to lose their lives to bring us the Iraqi story.

Source: Fakhry's Family / AP

Saif M. Fakhry, a 26-year-old Associated Press Television News cameraman, appears in this undated image made available by his family. Fakhry was shot to death May 31 walking to a mosque during clashes in the Sunni neighborhood of Amariyah in Baghdad.

The Associated Press also reports:

On Sunday, the body of an Iraqi newspaper editor kidnapped last week was found, police said. Gunmen had ambushed Flayeh Wadi Mijdab, editor of the state-owned al-Sabah newspaper in eastern Baghdad as he was heading to work Wednesday, police said.

Scores killed since war's started. At least 106 journalists have been killed since the Iraq war began, according to the New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists. Eighty-four of them were Iraqis.

Reporters Without Borders said at least 182 journalists and other employees of media organizations have been killed since the start of the war.

And today, the mysterious disappearance of the Iraqi taekwondo team in May 2006 has been solved:

Fifteen members of the team had been abducted last May in Anbar province, an al-Qaeda stronghold west of Baghdad, on their way to a training camp in Jordan.

The bodies were found in western Iraq, near the town of Ramadi. Two of the team are still missing.
Members of the Sunni Anbar Salvation Council, a group fighting al-Qaeda in the province, found the remains of the 13 taekwondo team members, Iraqi police said.

The remains - including bones, skulls and shreds of uniforms - were taken to Imam Ali Hospital in the Shia neighbourhood of Sadr City, Baghdad.


The following pictures of their families tell the story better than any words.

Source: Yahoo News

Source: Yahoo News

Source: Yahoo News

Ten more years!!! Ten more years of this nightmare!!!

A song for once a beautiful Iraq. Enjoy the memories.

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