Thursday, June 28, 2007

Farewell to Iraqi Poet Rahim al-Maliki

Baghdad, IRAQ: Iraqis weep over the coffin of Iraqi poet Rahim al-Maliki during his funeral in Baghdad's impoverished district of Sadr City, 26 June 2007

If you do not love Iraq
Then do not pray with me
You, Iraq, the land of well-being
When you stand tall, we stand tall
They throw stones at your windows
But your glass has destroyed their stones.

-- Rahim al-Maliki

Sameer N. Yacoub from The Associated Press wrote in his tribute to Rahim al-Maliki:

BAGHDAD – The poet Rahim al-Maliki wrote about his dreams of Iraqi unity in a place where such appeals are drowned out by daily bombings. One of them took his life on Monday.

Al-Maliki – whose fame grew by hosting two shows on state-run television – was among 13 people killed in a suicide attack at a Baghdad hotel, where he was filming tribal leaders about their decision to join U.S.-led forces in the fight against factions linked to al-Qaeda. Four of the tribal sheiks from the western Anbar province were among the victims.

In one of his shows, “The Guesthouses of our People,” the 39-year-old al-Maliki visited Sunni and Shiite groups and used his poetry to open dialogue about ways to end Iraq's sectarian bloodshed....

Al-Maliki's other show on the state-run Iraqiya television was “Feelings,” which examined love poetry written in the style he favored: the ordinary Iraqi dialect rather than classical Arabic.

Thank you for the so-called "resistance" and its supporters for killing the best of Iraqis. You may all die miserably for killing the Iraqi poets, doctors, professors, journalists, priests, women and children. You may all rot in hell, including your supporters and sympathizers, for destroying everything that was beautiful in Iraq. Saddam destroyed Iraq and you put the icing on his destruction.

Tribute to Rahim al-Maliki
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Iraqi Mojo [Via Ali]

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