Sunday, May 06, 2007

Iraqi Journalist Amal Al-Muderris Is Seriously Wounded

Amal is being treated in a Baghdad hospital for gunshot wounds [AFP]

Last weekend, The thugs running the show in Iraq seriously wounded prominent Iraqi journalist, Amal Al-Muderris. I thought to myself after reading the news, "First Khamael, then Amal. Who's next?"

Growing up in Saddam's Iraq, Amal Al-Mudarris program "10 Minutes" was an oasis in the middle of a government-controlled TV station. Her 10-minute program, which broadcasted on Friday mornings, took us around the world. The program covered odd news, catwalks and entertaining news, which put a smile on our faces.

Now, our Amal -- Her name means hope in Arabic -- is fighting for her life:

Police said her attackers had waited in parked cars near her home in the Sunni neighborhood of Khadra. Mudarris, a Shiite from southern Iraq, hosted a daily call-in radio show on a station that is part of the state-owned Iraqi Media Network.

Iraqi television aired footage of Mudarris in a hospital recovery room tonight, grimacing in pain with her head bandaged.

"I am an Iraqi and my work is for all Iraqis," she was quoted as saying. "I've never been affiliated with any party or government. Why would anyone want to kill me?"
After Baghdad fell, Mudarris and her colleagues continued to broadcast from their homes with little more than a transmitter and some cardboard for insulation, according to a co-worker. Listeners said just the sound of her familiar voice brought comfort.

"When she is on the radio, she is like a mother," said taxi driver Tariq Akashi, 36.

They want(ed) to kill her to continue their campaign to drag Iraq to the dark Ages. It's been their message for the last four years. The bad news is the rest of the world doesn't seem to care.

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