Thursday, May 17, 2007

International Campaign to Support the Christians of Iraq

Once a woman asked Mother Teresa whom should she help. Mother Teresa told her to start with her family, relatives and the people close to her.

For the last two months, I've been campaigning with other Iraqi-Christian expats to bring attention to the forced exodus, conversion to Islam and other crimes committed against the Iraqi Christian minority in Iraq. Our different campaigns, lobbying are bearing small fruit. It's a team work even though most of us are not aware of what the others are doing. We're all doing it peacefully. And that's all it matters to me.

Below is a petition to support the Iraqi Christian minority. I publish it here so you don't hesitate to click on the link and sign the petition:

His Excellency Secretary General of United Nations
Honourable Members of Security Council
His Excellency Mr. Jalal Talabani president of Iraq
The honourable Mr. Mahmood Al Mashhadani President of the National Assembly
The honourable Mr. Nouri Al-Maliki Prime Minister of Iraq
The honourable leaders of Iraqi political entities and parties
Human Rights Organisation, inside and outside Iraq
Defensive Organisations of religious and Ethnic Minority Rights
All Honest Supporters of Human Rights, Liberty and Dignity
Iraqi People and all Friends around the globe

The historical roots of Chaldean Syriac Assyrian Christians of Iraq date back to more than 7000 years. They are the inheritors of the first civilizations of Mesopotamia developing the human race with scientific achievements and knowledge such as agriculture, irrigation, writing and astronomy.

Christians are one of the oldest constituents of Iraq, they defended their adherence to the soil and integrity of Iraq courageously and together with their Moslems brothers were the first to protect their country working hard for its liberation, development and prosperity through out the centuries.

The Christians of Iraq believe in fraternal living unified with its citizens from other religions and nationalities. The values of love and tolerance became the source of security, stability, peace and harmony. Although the Christians are facing persecution, killing, oppression, forced deportation, converting immediately to Islam or to consign their property and leave the country; they remained deeply related to their country. They look forward to build a common future without war, terrorism and persecution among all Iraqis.

Today, with the lack of security, chaos, and the absence of the rule of law, the Christians, Sabias and Yazidies of Iraq especially in Baghdad and Mosul are facing the worst campaign of ethnic cleansing by fanatic Islamic religious gangs. Daily terrorism is targeted towards the Christians and others minority groups and constantly threatening them to convert to Islam or face the consequences of paying a ransom or deportation.

Iraqi Authorities, security departments, the Invading forces, National and Islamic political powers, religious centres and all Organisations of Civil liberty are aware of the Iraqi Christians tragedy. They have remained silent in particular when the churches were attacked and Christian clergy were killed. These barbaric acts are considered the worst crime against this nation targeting its liberty, dignity, nationalism and future of its country.

Today, the Iraqi Christians need solidarity, support and protection, thus we the signatories ask the authorities and political forces of Iraq to take responsibility. Correcting the legislations and providing a better security system for Christians and other minority groups will protect and secure their social, religious freedom and insure their national rights.

Sign the petition

I hope to see your signatures added to the list of current signatures.

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