Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Doomed Vacation of an Iraqi Woman

Source: The Yemen Observer

A rescuer works to retrieve the car involved in the death of an Iraqi woman vacationing in Yemen.

When my friend and her husband decided to move to Yemen during the 90s, I thought she lost her mind. Her husband was a professor and the Yemeni salary was much better than his salary in Iraq. So, I didn't try to stop them because I knew things were getting worse for educated Iraqis.

Yemen may be a work destination for some Iraqis. But, it's an unlikely vacation destination. I guess when your country is torn apart by different fighting groups, Yemen sounds good after all.

Sometimes an innocent holiday could have a tragic ending like the case of an 18-year-old Iraqi girl who took a break from the violence in Iraq and traveled to Yemen. The Yemen Obsorver reports:

Amani Sami al-Ghanim, 18, of Iraq died Saturday at 12:30 in the afternoon in a horrific taxi crash triggered by the collapse of a sinkhole on Haddah Street in Sana’a. The driver of the taxi suffered minor injuries and was rescued by several people. The sudden appearance of the sinkhole, over a septic tank originally used to store sewage, was near the Shumaila Hari market on Haddah Street in Sana’a.

The girl who died in the accident is from Iraq, and is not a resident of Yemen. Al-Ghanim had come to Yemen to spend a short vacation and visit her sisters living in Sana’a, said Mohammed Yahya al-Akwa’a, director of security in the al-Wahada district in the capital. Al-Akwa’a said that the preliminary investigations have revealed that the septic hole was dug before public sanitation systems were extended into the district 15 years ago, in order to accommodate the sewage output of the al-Eman Mosque. “The mouth of the sinkhole is an area of five square meters, and it has a depth of 15 meters,” he said.

Could Iraqis' luck turn worse than this? I can't imagine what her family is going through right now. This is very sad and depressing.

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