Thursday, May 31, 2007

Basrawis Reaction To Return of Al-Sadr

By Queen Amidala
Basra, Iraq

I don't know what people think of the return of Al-Sadr because I'm currently staying home. My family doesn't fill me with any bad news because of my health, which hasn't been good lately.

Actually, I'm sick again because of the situation in Basrah. I almost fainted a few days ago when a U.K. military plane flew very low over our neighborhood. I started screaming. I know it sounds very hysterical and it's not like me at all. But, the screams came out of me before I could control them.

Al-Mehdi Army is angry at the arrest of their top leaders. But, the Brits don't seem to care. This time, the U.K. Army is hitting back very hard and that's good. In my opinion, if they continue pressuring Al-Mahdi Army, many changes will take place soon. The downside, Al-Mehdi Army aren't stopping their attacks against the Brits.

You know what Fay? Al-Sadr continues to get stronger. I mean look at the events he created this past month in the Southern cities of Iraq and Baghdad. Since the start of the new security plan in Baghdad, it's rumored that he fled to Iran. But, why would he leave to Iran? Nobody can touch him anyway, with or without a security plan.

In return, what have the U.S. or U.K. forces done? The answer is only one word, NOTHING. They have troubles staying in Iraq and they would have more troubles leaving Iraq.

I really don't know what's keeping them from using new strategies to improve the current situation? Why do they continue to pay a high price for nothing? I know they are after the oil. Is that all for them? Don't they have more goals? Iran is getting more powerful with each day passing. Syria is getting more terrorist with each passing day. Look at what is happening in Lebanon. Shouldn't the two most powerful countries in the world do something about it instead of sending weapons to an army that can't take advantage of them?

Al-Sadr has become a very important man and can play with the situation in Iraq. A lot of people believe in him and in his powerful Army, and he is getting more powerful by the day.

Let me tell you an incident that took place a few days ago.

As usual, we were out of electricity. Because of the heat, the electricity lines in our neighborhood were sparking very badly. So, we had to use our own generators while the national electricity was available for the whole day. IMAGINE!!!!.

One of our neighbors went to the electricity department and asked them to fix the electricity lines. They told him they will fix them the next morning. The next morning, they didn't send any crew to fix the lines. So, he went back to the electricity department. He even bribed them. They took the money and still didn't come to fix the lines.

Finally, he went to a nearby Al-Sadr office. He explained the the situation to them. Al-Mehdi office acted promptly. They arranged for a small force to go to the electricity department and they forced the department to fix the lines right away that night.

The next day we had another small problem with the electricity. This time, the electricity department came right away and fixed it.

Now tell me, why wouldn't a lot of people believe in them or join them?

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