Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Latest On Basra's Governor Removal

By Queen Amidala
Basra, Iraq
Apr. 27,2007

The sit-in demonstration ended on Thursday. The protesting parties couldn't remove the governor. Each group -- Al-Fadhila, Al-Sadrists, Al-Daawa, The Islamic Party and another party -- is distributing flyers to people on the streets to "let them see" what the other parties are doing.

In reality, they're clashing with each other from one area to another for an hour or two. But, they're aren't getting into real fights.

The streets aren't safe. But, we're able to go to work and the market by risking our lives.

We experienced these living conditions when Saddam invaded Kuwait and the bombs dropped everywhere in town. We're re-living that experience again. Only this time it's worse.

At the governor's office, Al-Fadhila Party presented another candidate for a new governor. But, Al-Sadr Party rejected it. They demanded a candidate who isn't backed by any party. As you can see, this is a new game Al-Sadrists are playing.

Al-Fadhila Party rejected this suggestion. So, Al-Sadrists asked for a non-confidence vote against Al-Fadhila Party and the governor to remove them from the city council. The other parties rejected the idea and some of those parties' VIPs tried to leave the city. They couldn't because Al-Sadr Party threatened to kill them all if they were seen leaving the city.

Apr. 29, 2007
BTW, people are saying that Al-Fadhila Party will have a demonstration today. I don't know yet why they're demonstrating. We'll find out later in the day.

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