Monday, February 26, 2007

Withdrawal of The British Troops From Basrah

By Queen Amidala,
Basrah, Iraq

I heard about the decision to withdraw the British troops from Basrah yesterday, when the British commander or spokesman announced it in the media.

The withdrawal will cause more violence in the city. The whole invasion created a mess in Iraq. In Basrah, where it's very close to Iran, the withdrawal will do more damage to the city.

most of the Iraqi forces in Basrah are loyal to Iran. It's a fact the British troops know very well.

These days are very bad Fay. I've been home for more than a week. The killing series have started again. As usual, nobody knows why.

Last Friday, they took two KBR employees, beat them up and advised them not to go to work again. They asked them to advice the other employees not to go to work too.

Before that incident, two laundry workers at Basra's Airport were killed. The killers burned the victims' van too. I don't know them or the two KBR employees. Since then, we're staying home. We're too scared to go to work.

When you work for a private company, the managers don't really care about such things. They're ready to replace you if we can't make it to work. The British companies hope that by pulling out the troops, the situation may improve in Basrah. Well, it WON'T.

The British troops give a blind eye to the killings and other bad things happening in Basrah. So, who really cares if they stay or pull out from the city?

I am certain things will be more difficult for us if the British troops leave Basrah. I wish they can double their forces in the city and have a more powerful role in Basrah's situation. Otherwise, we will be part of Iran, or a swirl where Iran tries to pull the British and/or American troops into it. Basrah will be the base for such tactics by Iran.

And last, I have some news:
First, do you remember Issam Al-Banna? he died last month of cancer.

Second, you may remember Tariq from the Chemistry Department. Two weeks ago, the poor soul was slaughtered with his younger brother in Baghdad.

Third, have you heard about the document that was published lately? It's about the plan Al-Maliki was making for Al-Sadr and his army to escape the new Security crackdown. It's an interesting document. You can see why the withdrawal of the British troops right now isn't a very wise decision.

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