Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Who Killed Daniel Pearl?

When I was young, I liked the French literature. It explains why I chose Bernard-Henri Levy's investigative book to learn more about the inhumane murder of the WSJ journalist Daniel Pearl on Feb. 1, 2002.

The book reads as a non-fiction thriller. Levy's investigation trail spans from England to Pakistan. The first pages of the book surprised me when I learned that Danial's mother is an Iraqi-Jew. At that early point, Daniel's story became more personal to me. In my mind, he stood with the many Iraqi journalists who lost their lives in Iraq during the last four years.

Levy explores different scenarios of why was Pearl killed. I believe he was an easy PR target for the terrorist group that kidnapped and then murdered him. Daniel was an American-Jew journalist reporting from Pakistan. In the mind of his kidnappers, he was an Israeli spy. They couldn't be more wrong in their assumption.

Levy's book leaves the reader with more questions than answers. He throws all the facts on the table. Then, he let the reader makes his/her own conclusion. Personally, I believe Daniel's murder involved members of Al-Qaida and Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence.

The Daniel Pearl Foundation was established after his death to continue his message of tolerance and understanding:

The world has been shocked by the senseless loss of Daniel Pearl, a journalist who dedicated his life to bringing joy and understanding to the world.

The Daniel Pearl Foundation has been formed by Danny's family and friends to continue Danny's mission and to address the root causes of this tragedy, in the spirit, style, and principles that shaped Danny's work and character. These principles include uncompromised objectivity and integrity; insightful and unconventional perspective; tolerance and respect for people of all cultures; unshaken belief in the effectiveness of education and communication; and the love of music, humor, and friendship.

That's the person they killed.

Who Killed Daniel Pearl?

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