Monday, January 01, 2007

Celebrating Life, Celebrating 2007

The blogging entertainment industry has been busy commenting for the last two days about Saddam's final moments on Earth. I didn't blog earlier because there's nothing to add other than he lived and died to divide Iraqis. Actually, I share Big Pharaoh's opinion:

I don't give a hoot about who executed Saddam nor about Saddam himself. Tomorrow a Sunni suicide bomber will slam his explosives laden vehicle in a group of Shias killing 60 or 70 of them. The next day, 10 Shias will kidnap 20 Sunnis, beat them, drill holes in their knees, and then shot them execution style. After all this, can someone please tell me why I should care about Saddam?


That's exactly how I feel.

In 2006, I came to the conclusion that Iraqi sectors are not fighting for Iraq. They're fighting for their share of the pie. Deep inside them, they want to be Saddam himself.

I have no intention of celebrating death at the beginning of year 2007. For a change, let's celebrate life.

Source: Al-Rafidayn newspaper

An Iraqi vendor makes Zylabia. It's one of my facorite Iraqi sweets.

Happy Eid to my Muslim Readers

Happy New Year everyone

Let's try get it right this year.

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