Saturday, December 23, 2006

George Clooney vs. Shrimp Boil

After my first visit to Cameron Parish to cover the aftermath of Hurricane Rita, I received many encouraging e-mails from people who live or have lived there. Since then, I went back three times with Mark during his assignments to continue the newspaper's coverage. Each time, there was a step made forward. Each time, the people there made me realize my problems are very tiny compared to theirs. I said it before, and I'll say it again, the residents of Cameron Parish, Louisiana rock.

On Wednesday, Mark returned to cover the ceremony to mark the rebuilding of South Cameron Memorial Hospital in Cameron Parish. I couldn't accompany him this time because I was at work. Guess who was there!!!

Mark M. Hancock / © The Beaumont Enterprise

Click here for the slide show.

People magazine's two-time sexiest man in America. Now you know where my luck stops. I think what makes George more sexy is his activism to bring light to the plight of people in areas destroyed by war or natural disasters. He's simply the best celebrity in Hollywood.

Anyway, I can't complain much because my last visit to Cameron Parish in October was very tasty.

© Fayrouz Hancock

I ate shrimp in many places around the world. But, I never ate shrimp that tasted as good as these. People here say Louisiana has the best seafood. I didn't believe it until I tasted their shrimp.

© Fayrouz Hancock

Being the curious person I am when it comes to food, I followed the smell to where the shrimp was boiled. The process is very easy; but I won't reveal its secrets.

© Fayrouz Hancock

All I can say is the Cajun seasoning gives the shrimp its unique flavor.

© Fayrouz Hancock

Here comes the shrimp carried on a backhoe. Don't be surprised. We're in a hurricane devastated area.

© Fayrouz Hancock

The community shrimp boil took place in what was once the Cameron Parish Police Jury. They set up a big tent with tables and chairs for people to enjoy the good meal.

© Fayrouz Hancock

That's how much shrimp you got. When I took my share I thought I couldn't eat it all. I was very mistaken :-)

© Fayrouz Hancock

Cameron Parish dedicated a monument to commemorate the restoration of its cemeteries destroyed by hurricane Rita. The monument reads:

While miraculously no one in Cameron Parish was killed; 38 of its 40 cemeteries were breached and over 340 caskets and their remains were torn from the ground and scattered into marshes, tree tops, fields and canals from as far as 30 miles away.

The monument represents some of the most treasured possessions of Cameron Parish. It has been a long journey for them, their families and those that recovered them. May they again rest in peace. God bless their families.

I didn't mean to finish the post on this sad note; but that's the reality out there. Clooney visited because he understood their suffering. I hope the general public understand it too.

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