Saturday, November 04, 2006

The Timing of Saddam's Verdict

When Saddam was in power, I dreamed of his end and believed it would be bloody. His verdict was pushed magically from the 16th to 4th of November. Just in time for the Tuesday's midterm elections.

The fragile Iraqi government has to take extra security precautions for tomorrow. I don't read much news lately. But, I can make a wild guess and say there will be a curfew of some type and Iraqi people will probably be given the day off.

This verdict could be the best thing to happen for Democrats in this election. Instead of the press showing joyous Iraqis, it'll show more Iraqi bloodshed.

I'm against the death penalty. Even if I wasn't, Saddam's death doesn't excite me anymore. Maliki's death squads, Hakim and Al-Sadr militias, the insurgents and the foreign fighters have turned Iraq into another type of hell Iraqis never knew it even existed. Saddam may have been removed from power. But, a cloned version of him has found a place in the heart of many others. They may look different. But, they all carry his brutal signature.

Now, back to my weekend. I just wanted to let you know Saddam doesn't matter for me anymore. The daily death of the ordinary Iraqi people matter the most for me. I can't rest until someone finds a cure for their deadly disease.

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