Monday, October 30, 2006

Unblock Mahmood's Den Petition

UPDATE I - Nov. 3, 2006
There's justice in Bahrain. Mahmood's Den has been unblocked by the Bahraini authorities. That gives me hope in the Middle East.

Welcome home Mahmood.

ORIGINAL POST - Oct. 30, 2006

I saw this one coming. I lived in the Middle East long enough to understand that freedom of speech -- If it ever exists -- comes with unpleasant consequences.

Mahmood's Den is one of the blogs I find time to read even when I'm busy. He's one of the most admirable and outspoken Middle Eastern bloggers. So, the Bahraini government decided to silence his voice by blocking his site in Bahrain. What a surprise!!!!

HAMSA has started an online petition to unblock Mahmood's blog. Bahraini blogger Esra'a at Mideast Youth is busy getting the word out to help unblock Mahmood's site. She's simply the best Middle Eastern blogger when it comes to activism, interfaith dialogue and understanding.

If you live in the United States, you can also write a letter to the Bahraini Embassador in D.C. [Via Desert Island Boy]:

The Embassy of the Kingdom of Bahrain
Attn: Ambassador Dr. Nasser Al Balooshi
3502 International Drive N.W.
Washington, DC 20008
Phone: (202) 342-1111
Fax: (202) 362-2192

I won't make this post long. I only hope you sign the petition so we can send a clear message to the Bahraini government that the world is watching their censorship on the Internet.

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