Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Iraqi Flag and The Kurdish Factor

While Iraq continues to suffer daily bombing and death, I can't believe Iraqi politicians ignore these important issues. Instead, they decide to argue over the flag. How nice!!!

It's freaking sad to see the Kurds making this an issue. They claim they suffered under the Iraqi flag. That murder was committed under the Iraqi flag, which they associate with the Baathists and Saddam's regime. May I ask who in Iraq didn't suffer under Saddam's reign? How come the Shia who were slaughtered by Saddam's forces in 1991 don't mind the flag?

All Iraqis suffered and still suffer from the Iraqi governments that ruled Iraq since 1968. This suffering has nothing to do with the flag. As Zappy said, "This is our flag, by “our” I mean the people of the Republic of Iraq, a flag is the pride of ones nation."

This uproar over the flag has more to do with the exact desire of the Kurds. Do they want to be part of the Iraqi political process or declare their independence from Iraq? Either way, they need to decide which road they want to take and do so ASAP because the Iraqi people have more important issues to worry about.

Iraq doesn't need another flag. The current flag brings pride and tears each time I see Iraqis waving it in an international sports arena. I believe it does the same to millions of Iraqis too.

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