Tuesday, August 22, 2006

It's Time to Pull Out The Troops

Bloggers have been speculating lately whether Rumsfield's days are counted at the Pentagon. Reading these rumors, I deeply wish to see him either resign or be replaced by a better Secretary of Defense.

We've been in Iraq for more than three years. The situation in Iraq has been going from bad to worse. The administration insists on staying the course. What course are we staying? What's the plan to control the violence in Iraq? I didn't even say "establish law and order" because almost everyone lost hope in anything that resembles "law and order."

I have been in contact with Iraqis who live inside and outside Iraq. They all dislike the American presence in Iraq. They all blame the U.S. for the deteriorating situation in Iraq. They all want to see the U.S. Army out of Iraq.

Unfortunately, the Iraqi government doesn't have the guts to tell the American administration it's time to either control the violence or set a date to withdraw the troops. The Iraqi government continues to play nice as long as the American taxpayer money is pouring into imaginary projects in Iraq. That money could have been used to improve the American education and public health systems. It could have been used to rebuild the Gulf Coast cities that were destroyed by hurricanes Katrina and Rita. As it is, it's going to the residents of the Green Zone.

In short, the Iraqi government benefits from the current situation. Pulling out the troops means it will actually have to act as a responsible government. It will have to take responsibility of the security, health system and other things. We know this isn't a priority for it.

The longer the American troops stay in Iraq, the longer the Iraqi government can blame the miserable situation in Iraq on the American troops. It's time to pull out the troops and bring them home. Let the Iraqi people and government stand up for themselves. It's time for them to decide the future of their country. Let's not turn Iraq to another Vietnam.

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