Friday, August 04, 2006

Get Well Soon Captain Amo Baba

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I grew up watching the Iraqi soccer team win and lose. Only one Iraqi coach brought more energy to the team than any others. He was captain Amo Baba. He's our Emmitt Smith.

Today, Amo Baba is recovering from an imputation operation to his right foot's toes. The operation resulted with minor complications. He spent two hours in the ICU. Last year he underwent a similar operation to amputate his left foot's toes. Both operations were the result of gangrene. I read before that he's a diabetic. So, I'm guessing the gangrene is a result of the diabetes.

Life is not fair.

An earlier news article on Ankawa Online states that Amo Baba must sell his house in Baghdad to pay his medical expenses in Amman, Jordan. Shame on the Iraqi government to let this happen to an Iraqi icon. What can I say? Sadr and his clowns despise soccer. Amo Baba has become another casuality of the new Iraq.

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