Sunday, June 25, 2006

More Threats Against Basrawi Christians

A few weeks ago, my Assyrian friend in California told me a militia has sent a threat letter to one of her relatives in Basra. It's the usual letter of close your business and leave town or you and your family will be dead. Ahhh, how nice!!!!

The other day, I found a similar story on Ankawa Online. This time the threat is against Linda Edmon, the choir singer at the Chaldean Church in Basra [Arabic Source] -- It's the church I attended for 22 years while I lived in Basra. She and her husband received a death threat. They have no idea why the bastards want to kill them. But, they're taking the threat seriously. They have decided to leave the city they lived in all their life to start a different life in another unknown destination.

I asked Queen Amidala if she has more details. She sent me back this reply:

I know Linda from church. She really has a beautiful angelic voice.. All I can say is that she might have received that threat because someone wanted their house.

The reason I'm saying this is because three weeks ago a Christian man was killed by knives for this particular reason. He was an engineer working at Al-Hartha station for electricity and he was living alone in his house -- no wife or any relatives. His mother died a year ago. And, he wasn't any engineer. He was a senior engineer -- a manager -- and they killed him just to take his house.

I'm still waiting on the iron-fist approach to show some good results in Basra. Until then, more Basrawis will be killed by the hands of militias. And Basrawis are freaking tired of being the scapegoat of Iraqi governments since the start of Iraq-Iran war. Whether it rains or shines in other parts of Iraq, it has continued to rain in Basra since September 22nd, 1980. I'm tired of the attention other parts of the country has gotten during the last three years while Basra has being left in the dark.

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