Monday, June 05, 2006

Basra, City of Oil

By Queen Amidala
From Basra, Iraq
Jun. 3-4, 2006

There is one thing that was very clear. Nobody would be interested in what's happening in Basra until it gets close to stop the oil exports. then all of a sudden, Basra is the most important city in Iraq.

With the oil subject, came the bad security situation in the city and the PM said, " we will hit with an iron fist all gangs that are disturbing the security of the city." As far as everyone's concern, it's just a talk and nothing will change.

The crazy thing is the new threats issued for the second time. They were delivered around the city. They're threatening to kill anyone who works with "the invaders" as they describe the coalition forces.

And yesterday they killed a Christian. He was a senior engineer working for the government. Nobody knows why AND it wouldn't stop at that.

About yesterday explosion [Saturday's car explosion], it was horrible. Last night, some insurgents attacked a mosque in Old Basra suburb, killed everyone inside it and went to the streets declaring JEHAD. Don't ask me what they do mean by that. I don't know, unless its a declaration for a civil war.

This morning, I stayed home coz as we were going to work, we heard the sound of another bomb. Don't know yet where it hit; but it was close.

That might be the answer to our PM's statement that he will hit with iron hands. The Iraqi military/police patrols the streets and drinks Pepsi while watching what's happening around. How is that for an iron hand? It's a Pepsi hand.

I have to joke about it coz it's a joke and I might die if I don't do that.

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