Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Reuters-Global Voices Iraq Newsmaker event

Iraq: Is the media telling the real story?

Date: Apr. 5, 2006
Time: 6-8pm EDT, 22:00-24:00 GMT
Features: Live webcast, live blogging, live chat, live debate.
Participants: Bloggers, journalists, photojournalists editors and military personnel.

I'll be among the bloggers participating in this event. It should be fun.

Check Global Voices and Reuters for more details.

NOTE: I'm an Iraqi-Australian living in the U.S. I mention this so people don't get confused of my nationality.

Update 4:18pm

You're welcome to post your questions for the next two hours. I'm not sure what to expect from this discussion. Hopefully, it would be interesting for participants and readers.

Update 5:37pm
The debate started. They're discussing withdrawal of troops from Iraq by representing different points of view.

You may not like Kerry. But, his op-ed in the NYT today is partially logical. He asked to give Iraqi politicians a deadline to form a unity government, or the American troops would withdraw from Iraq immediately.

I don't see how the immediate withdrawal would work; but waiting for Iraqi politicians to form a government is not going anywhere.

Update 5:50pm
Ghaith says there's a "civil war" in Iraq. I guess this answers my question from an earlier post.

Update 9:32pm
The video will be available on Reuters' site tomorrow. It was a good experience. I don't mind doing it again.

Update Apr. 6, 2006 4:13pm
Global voices put a post on the reaction to yesterday's discussion session. It highlights the opinions and questions of Iraqi bloggers who participated in this event.

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