Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Atwar Bahjat Wins 2006 Louis Lyons Award

Al-Bawaba broke the news last week. But, I thought to wait until the Nieman Foundation announces it on their Web site:

Louis Lyons Award for Conscience and Integrity in Journalism

Atwar Bahjat was kidnapped and killed on Feb. 22, 2006, while covering the bombing of the Shiite mosque Al Askari in her hometown of Samarra. The Iraqi television journalist's cameraman and engineer were also killed. Bahjat was 30 years old and a correspondent for Al Arabiya, the 24-hour Dubai-based Arabic-language news channel.
Born in 1976 to a Shiite mother, who survives her, and a Sunni father, Atwar's dedication to impartial reporting bridged both sides of Iraq's sectarian divide. As a symbol of her support for a united country, she wore a necklace with a golden pendant in the shape of Iraq. "Whether you are Sunni or Shia, Arab or Kurd," she said in her last report, "there is no difference between Iraqis, united in fear for this nation."


Can Iraqis honor her memory by following her last words?

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