Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Allan Enwiya's Family on CNN

I received this e-mail from Allan Enwiya's aunt in California:

I just received a call from my brother in Jordan, CNN had an interview with them and they will show it 7pm our time.

I'm not sure which program will air the interview. I'll keep you updated if I get more information.

I just finished watching the interview on Anderson Cooper 360°. It was very emotional to watch Allan's widow Fayrouz Enwiya talking to Jill Carroll over the phone.

It also showed the golden heart of Allan's dad. And, it showed Allan heroism as he tried to protect Jill until he died.

It's an honor to know Enwiya's family. I'm looking forward to meeting them after they reunite (hopefully) with their family in the U.S.

here's the interview's highlights:

Enwiya's wife said she knew he would have tried to save Carroll. "He used to tell his friends, the day that anything happens to Jill, like what happened to her.. naturally he would never allow himself to leave her'" she said.

His father said Carroll told them what they already suspected, that Enwiya could have fled, but he tried to save her from the kidnappers, even though he was unarmed.

"They were just like brother and sister," Raymond Enwiya told CNN.

"I told her ... that ... instead of Alan, you are my daughter now," he said. "She said 'I am your daughter.'"


I hope to find the video and post a link to it.

Click here to read the interview's transcript. You need to scroll down to read the transcript.

Here's the CNN's transcript:

COLLINS: After nearly three months as a hostage in Iraq, Jill Carroll is back in the U.S., reunited with her family. As we showed you yesterday, she made a visit to the newsroom of "The Christian Science Monitor" in Boston to thank her coworkers for supporting her during the ordeal. It was an emotional one for her, too.

Also on Carroll's mind, her Iraqi interpreter who was shot in cold blood on the fateful day she was captured. She's reached out to his family in a tearful exchange. With the exclusive now, here's CNN's Nic Robertson.


FAYROUZ ENWIYA, TRANSLATOR'S WIFE: Hello. Hi, Jill. How are you? Yeah.

NIC ROBERTSON, CNN CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): In Amman, Jordan, an emotional reunion by phone.

F. ENWIYA: I did. I did.

ROBERTSON: For the first time since her release, Jill Carroll calls the wife of her translator. He was shot dead when Carroll was kidnapped.

F. ENWIYA: What did you say? What did he say?

ROBERTSON: Desperate for any detail of how her husband, Allan Enwiya, died, she asked in Arabic, what did he say? What were his last words? And through the tears, the words Jill Carroll must have been dying to hear.

F. ENWIYA: I'm so happy for you. Jill.

ROBERTSON: From Allan Enwiya father, too, forgiveness.

RAYMOND ENWIYA, TRANSLATOR'S FATHER: She said that I'm sorry, I was the cause of it. I said no, it's not your fault.

ROBERTSON: The pair were out on assignment when the kidnappers snatched Jill. Allan's body was found, left in the road. Brutally murdered in cold blood. Shot twice in the head at close range. Until now, they've had no idea about Allan's last moments alive. Jill Carroll and Allan Enwiya, had become an inseparable double act, teaming up as translator and reporter almost three years ago. When thugs forced Enwiya to close his music stores. Together, ducking the dangers of Baghdad, doing journalism under the radar with no real security. Relying on their wits. Carroll had become a regular visitor at the home. She was the reporter with whom he chose to work.

R. ENWIYA: She didn't go with anybody but Allan.

ROBERTSON: She liked him a lot?

R. ENWIYA: She loved him. Not liked him.

ROBERTSON: Why was that?

R. ENWIYA: They were just like brother and sister.

ROBERTSON: His wife, too, knew Jill Carroll was important to her husband.

F. ENWIYA (through translator): He used to tell his friends, the day that anything happened to Jill, like what happened to her, naturally he would never allow himself to leave her.

ROBERTSON: On the morning he was murdered, Enwiya helped get his five-year-old daughter, Maryann (ph) ready for school, said good-bye to his wife and one-year-old son, Martin, before meeting Jill. Two hours later, his wife learned of his death on al Jazeera.

F. ENWIYA: So I went to the neighbors, and they took me to the al Horiya (ph) police station. And from afar, I found a pickup with Allan sprawled in the pickup. So I ran to it. I realized that he was -- I need to see him off. I kissed him around the eye, and I told him, "bye-bye, Allan."

ROBERTSON: She learned nothing more until Jill Carroll filled in the gaps.

R. ENWIYA: When they stopped the car, Allan and her opened the door. She heard two shots behind her. And she knew after that that Allan was shot.

ROBERTSON: And Allan could have run away, but he didn't?

R. ENWIYA: He didn't. Of course. He didn't. He stayed with her. That's what caused his death.

ROBERTSON: For Allan Enwiya's family, the details from Jill Carroll confirm what in her hearts they already knew. The son, husband and father died a hero.

R. ENWIYA: I told her that you are, instead of Allan, you are my daughter now. She said, I am your daughter.

ROBERTSON: "You are my daughter." No greater forgiveness can be given. No higher price paid. Nic Robertson, CNN, Amman, Jordan. (END VIDEOTAPE)

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