Wednesday, March 15, 2006

When Is It Called a Civil War?

For the last three years, we continued to hear the phrase "sectarian tensions" whenever a mass murder is reported in Iraq. Since the Sammara mosque bombing, things started to go downward. Still, nobody is willing to step up and give the current situation in Iraq a reasonable name.

Unless we understand what's happening in Iraq, we won't be able to reach a solution or a compromise for all involved parties. So, when do you call an ethnic conflict a civil war? I'm dead serious with my question.

This is off topic. But, I was thrilled to read this announcement by Committee to Protect Bloggers:

The Best Blog in the World

The CPB has never endorsed a specific blog before. However this blog, Baghdad Girl, is so clearly perfect, so absolutely the apotheosis of blogging, the exemplar of what blogging could be, what it must be, that we felt it our duty to bring it to your attention. All blogs, deep within, are trying to become Bagdad Girl. You will know paradise has arrived when all blogs have become Baghdad Girl.

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She's the coolest.

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