Sunday, March 19, 2006

Category 5 Cyclone [Hurricane] Larry

Well, Australians woke up this morning to the news of Cyclone Larry heading toward Northern Queensland with a wind force up to 290kph [180mph]. The Sydney Morning Herald reports:

There have been early, unconfirmed, reports of casualties and some people are feared missing in the wake of one of the most powerful cyclones to ever hit Queensland.

"We have reports of fairly major structural damage around the Innisfail area, one from Silkwood which is to the south of Innisfail, and we've had reports of some casualties at Cairns hospital, some 20 or so," weather bureau forecaster Jonty Hall told AAP.

"There's also some reports of a few people missing as well."


This could really suck. I'm not sure how prepared they were for this cyclone. Hopefully, not many people get hurt.

The Australian has the details:

The cyclone has battered communities in far north Queensland, with the worst affected areas including the farming town of Innisfail and surrounds.
Donations can be made at any Commonwealth Bank branch. Cheques can be made out to the Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal fund, account number 064-013-1000-6800.

An appeal hotline (1800 150 411) will be opened later today to accept donations by credit card.



- QLD Police (for concerned relatives): 1800 100 188
- QLD Government (for emergency accommodation): 1800 440 074
- Cyclone appeal (donations): 1800 150 411

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

I don't have family or friends living in Queensland. So, that's a relief for me.

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