Monday, January 30, 2006

The Nutcases Were Busy Yesterday

I can't bring myself to call the idiots, who caused the injury of ABC News staffers Bob Woodruff and Doug Vogt and bombed the churches in Baghdad and Kirkuk, anything other than nutcases.

Bob Woodruff traveled to Iraq to cover the current situation. He took the further step that most hotel-journalists are too afraid to take. He decided to walk into the streets and talk to the Iraqi people. He wanted to cover the story of ordinary Iraqi citizens. What award did these nutcases give him? He and Vogt almost got killed by an roadside bomb explosion while traveling with an Iraqi and U.S. convoy near Taji.

The nutcases' busy day didn't end there. They decided to target a few churches in Baghdad and Kirkuk as well as the Apostolic Nuncio mission (The Vatican Embassy) to prove their craziness.

Ankawa online interviewed Fr. Douglas Al-Bazi, the pastor of St. Mary Catholic Church in Baghdad. He said the bomb was set to explode during the Sunday mass attended by the Chaldean Patriarch Emmanuel Delly. The church guards found the bomb 20 minutes before mass. By the time they called the police and tried to evacuate the church and it surroundings, the bomb exploded. Fr. Douglas and the guards survived the incident.

Chaldean online wrote in its report about the incidents:

George Abouna, who attends St. Elya's Chaldean Church, said Iraqi Christians have come to expect terror and killings with little or no protection from anyone. "They are trying to divide Iraq but they will never succeed. When will they learn that only peace and love can restore our country? I pray for their forgiveness."

It's likely that the Christian exodus from Iraq will continue to grow. That is a tragedy, since Chaldeans are the indigenous people of Iraq that converted to Christianity in the first century - long before modern Iraq and the United States ever came into being.


Kat has this to say about the incidents:

The Christian community is sadly a soft, non-Muslim, safe victim. The sad thing is, besides getting more assistance from outside Christian churches to help feed, clothe and protect their community, they've pretty much stayed out of the lime light and out of the way of the warring parties. But, in the ME, that doesn't buy your protection no matter what your race, creed or religion.


I have this to say about the incidents:

If the goal of bombing our churches is to drag the Christian community into your sectarian fights, then you failed again. The Christian community in Iraq lasted all these years because it doesn't take sides. So, don't waste your time with us.

If the goal of bombing our churches is to speed up our exodus from Iraq, then that's not our loss. It's Iraq's loss. As everyone knows, we do well wherever we move.

When will Iraqis stand up against these criminals? How many more Iraqis must die until Iraqis agree to unite against those nutcases?

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