Sunday, January 01, 2006

My Year 2006 Politics

At last, we're done with year 2005. I won't miss it one bit. I'm looking forward to year 2006. So far so good. Today, I got to watch dolphins playing in water while we rode the ferry to Galveston. That was really cool. One more dream came true this year.

Now, back to politics and other boring stuff. You probably wonder how I feel about the Iraqi political war. It really doesn't matter to me anymore. Iraqis were given the chance to choose non-religious parties for the next government. But, they chose religious parties. It's funny to see the Sunnis criticizing the Shia for listening to Al-Sistani while they voted for religious parties as well. So, I'm not sure which side is better than the other.

Was there election fraud? I'd bet there was. Is there much we can do about it? No, we can't. Would re-running the elections change the current results? Not really. Iraq started drifting into a religious state after the first Gulf War. The more you suppress people religiously like Saddam did, the more they drift toward religion.

There's no doubt America made mistakes in Iraq. But, is it all America's fault for the misery of the Iraqis? No, it isn't. And it's that simple of an answer.

Programmer Craig asked me my opinion on pulling out the troops. I think America shouldn't stay in Iraq longer than the end of year 2007. If Iraqi cops and army won't be ready by year 2007, then they'll never be ready.

If Iraqi politicians worked FOR IRAQ, then Iraq would have been in a better shape right now. Unfortunately, Iraqi politicians work FOR THEMSELVES. Not only that, but they began acting like Saddam. That's when Iraqis started losing hope.

Have a good day everyone.

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