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Helping Allan Enwiya's Widow

*** List of donors ***

UPDATE VIII- July 8, 2007
After a long waiting period in Jordan, the Enwiya family made it to the States on Jun 26, 2007. Allan's widow, children, parents and sister made it to California where their families live.

Between the family's lawyer and The Monitor's follow-up with the State Department, the sad story had a happy ending.

Allan's aunt told me that Allan's son -- The one with him in the photo -- is growing up to be Allan. Nothing is going to bring Allan back. But, the family feels Allan's touch and spirit through his son.

As you see from my previous update, the donated money was delivered to The Monitor's Allan Fund last December after I lost hope the State Department may actually grant the family visas to the States. The editors at The Monitor sent me thank you letters after receiving our donation. I believe the big THANK YOU should go to everyone who contributed to the fund.

UPDATE VII- Dec. 2, 2006
Due to the slow paperwork process, I delivered the money to the Christian Science Monitor's Fund for Alan Enwiya's family. The Monitor has been taking a good care of the family since they moved to Jordan.

Thanks for everyone who donated to my humble fund. I hope the U.S. immigration processes the family's paperwork quickly so they can reunite with their family in the States.

UPDATE VI- Mar. 6, 2006
Our donations will be sent to Mrs. Enwiya via Allan's aunt who lives in California. She asked me to keep the money until they settle down in their destination.

Thank you all for your generosity and support to Mrs. Enwiya.

UPDATE V - Feb 21, 2006
I removed the PayPal button. The money is ready to be sent to Allan Enwiya's family upon their request.

Thank you so much for your generosity. I hope the money help them start a new life in a safer place.

UPDATE IV - Feb 16, 2006
Mrs Enwiya, Allan's kids and parents left Baghdad. They're in a safe location right now. That's all I can tell you until I get the green light from his family to publish more details.

I'll keep the PayPal button until Monday Feb. 6, 2006. Mad Canuck put a good plan on how to send the money to Iraq and insure it reaches Mrs. Enwiya. I'll update you after the completion of each step of the plan.

I received $1,500.00 from a donor who wishes to stay anonymous. Thank you anonymous for your generosity.

I just received an e-mail from Lisa Ramaci to inform me that The Steven Vincent Foundation will donate $500.00 to Mrs. Enwiya. I'm speechless.

Thank you so much for your generosity. It means so much to all of us.

ORIGINAL POST Jan. 10, 2006
After discussions with my friend Mad Canuck this morning, we decided to start a donation for the widow of murdered Iraqi translator Allan Enwiya.

Last Saturday, Allan was murdered in cold blood when Jill Carroll was kidnapped after leaving Al-Dulaimi office in Baghdad's suburb of Al-Adil. Allan was Jill Carroll's translator. He was a good friend of my fellow Iraqi bloggers Treasure of Baghdad and 24 Steps to Liberty. Allan leaves behind a wife and very young children. You have no idea how hard it is for a young widow to raise children in Iraq. That's why we started this donation.

The media will drop his name very soon and focus on Jill because she's the one in danger right now. We're all praying for her safety. But, we shouldn't forget about her translator who lost his life while trying to make a living for his young family.

I know you all have bills and credit cards to pay after the Christmas season. Still, I hope five or ten dollars won't harm your budget. It will definitely make a difference to Allan's widow.

I count on your generosity.

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