Sunday, December 18, 2005

Who Invented Beer?

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I guess most of you will say it's the Irish or German people. Wrong. It's the Chaldeans. (Via Nancy) reports:

Historical records and archeological findings prove the science of brewing originated by the Sumerians and Chaldeans over 6,000 years ago. Grain was the first domesticated crop that started the farming process and the science of fermentation soon followed. The Sumerian and Chaldean people lay between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers including Southern Mesopotamia and the ancient cities of Babylon and Ur.

Some scientists theorize that the Chaldeans experimented with wetting bread that became stale in order to recover its edible properties. A short time later the Chaldeans recognized that the bread and grain began to ferment. The pulps were collected and when combined created an inebriating quality.

The origins of beer and the qualities of the potion became a staple in the ancient society. Old Sumerian and Chaldeans songs and hymns were created to honor the goddess of brewing and the brewers. Most commonly known Hymn to modern day beer historians is the "Hymn to Ninkasiā€ found on a seal over 4,000 years old.


This may explain my dad's skills in making red wine almost every year we lived in Iraq.


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