Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I'm Hopeful This Time

UPDATE I Dec. 15, 2005
Best headline of the day:

Twenty-Seven Million Iraqis against 10,000 Terrorists

Der Spiegel

ORIGINAL POST Dec. 13, 2005
The Iraqi blogs' galaxy is buzzing with discussions about the upcoming Iraqi elections. I've been very nervous lately thinking of which path Iraqis will take this time. I hope they go secular.

I just finished talking to my friend in Sydney. She's going to vote for Allawi. BTW, she's Chaldean. That's a good indication on how most Iraqis are voting this time. They aren't voting for candidates based on their ethnic group.

My parents voted today in Michigan. When I talked to my dad last weekend, he was going to vote for Allawi. I'm not sure if he has changed his mind and voted for another candidate.

I talked to my sister in Michigan last night. She was trying to choose between Mithal Al-Alusi and Allawi. Either one is good.

My sister told me that their Chaldean priest said what I once wrote on this blog. He urged people to vote. He told them to stop blaming "the others" for their problems and do something about it by voting this time. Does he read my blog?

I hope Iraqis choose the right people this time. People who can take Iraq into the 21st century. People who can unite Iraq and work for its people.

I'm more hopeful this time than I was during the January election. The result of that election was very predictable. This time, we don't know who's going to win as we have more mature voters this time.

Time for me to watch Law and Order. I need to get paranoid for an hour or so.

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