Friday, December 30, 2005

An Early Happy New Year

I just started the day by realizing that someone has blogged parts of this post and the previous post as hers. Isn't that wonderful? I reported this copyright violation to since this person has her blog on

It's funny she lists "wanna be novelist" as her occupation. Is that what they call a person who steals other people's writings?

Her blog is down. I'm not sure if she put it down or MSN put it down after I reported the abuse. I'll see what's the story later.

My last day in year 2005 is getting more weird by the minute. Here's what I just received by e-mail:

Helo Fayrouz,

I will translate what i send to you as following;

I would like to introduce myself to get marry from you as any person in this life
My name is ( ALI **** ****) my birth date is ****, in IRAQ -Basrah, my work in Lecturer in Basrah University ****, **** Dept, I have M.Sc. in ****, i am single,i built small home with my fathers home in the garden of our house and i am ready to marry,
I am muslum, open minded, no problem if you do not like to come to Basrah and live with me where i can go to you and marry you and live in youe place after we rent the house surly and geting job
I am honest, sweetie, handsome, 185 cm height, 90 kgm weight,

Please i f you allowed to me to write an arabice e amil in future just tell me

With my Regards

cell phone: I'll be kind enough not to include his phone number

I sent the following e-mail to his boss in Basrah:

Dear Dr. *****,

I received weird e-mail below from a lecturer at your college. His name is ALI **** ****.

Could you please tell me how could an educated person send a marriage proposal to a married woman whom he never met and doesn't know? Would you like any woman in your family to receive such an e-mail? I'm an Iraqi who graduated from the University of Basrah. I know the Iraqi culture very well and you understand what it means to send an e-mail like this to a married woman.

I hope Mr. Ali doesn't go around and send such e-mails to other women.

Best regards,

Fayrouz Hancock
Beaumont, Texas

What's going to happen before the year ends? Would I recieve an e-mail from a Martian?

ORIGINAL POST Dec. 30, 2005

© Sydney Morning Herald -- I think so.

That's my Sydney on a typical new year's eve.

I have a friend visiting us for the new year holiday. So, I thought I'd wish you all a Happy New Year before it's too late.

For me, the year 2005 has ended much better than it started. I'm grateful for my family, friends and readers for standing by me and Mark during the good times and bad times. I treasure every one of you, even when I disagree with you - especially the hot-headed mate from New York.

And what's better than ending year 2005 with new year resolutions courtesy of the Comedy Central:
  1. Gain weight. At least 30 pounds.

  2. Stop exercising. Waste of time.

  3. Read less. Makes you think.

  4. Watch more TV. You've been missing some good stuff.

  5. Procrastinate more. Starting tomorrow.

  6. Stop bringing lunch from home: Eat out more.

  7. Get in a whole NEW rut!

  8. Spend your summer vacation in Cyberspace.

  9. Don't eat cloned meat.

  10. Create loose ends.

  11. Get more toys.

  12. Get further in debt.

  13. Don't believe politicians.

  14. Break at least one traffic law.

  15. Avoid airplanes that spontaneously drop 1000 feet.

  16. Don't swim with piranhas or sharks.

  17. Associate with even worse business clients.

  18. Spread out priorities beyond ability to keep track of them.

  19. Wait around for opportunity.

  20. Focus on the faults of others.

  21. Mope about faults.

  22. Never make New Year's resolutions again.

Happy New Year Everyone

May All Your Dreams Come True

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