Tuesday, November 08, 2005

My Bloggish Opinions


Today, the human rights groups and the international community raised their concerns over the murder of Adel al-Zubeidi, a lawyer for former Iraqi Vice President Taha Yassin Ramadan on Tuesday:

NBC News' Becky Diamond reports on what the latest violence means for the future of Saddam’s trial, the likelihood that the case will be tried in Iraq, and what the latest attack means for the future of the Iraqi justice system in general.

What does the assassination of a lawyer for a co-defendant of Saddam Hussein, and the attempted assassination of another defense lawyer, mean for the future of the Saddam trial?
It raises questions as to whether a fair trial can proceed in a climate of fear.

Many people that you speak to here have no doubt that Saddam Hussein is guilty of the crimes he’s been accused of. But he, according to a contemporary justice system, deserves a fair trial — as fair as anyone else.

So that means that his lawyers have to have access to him. They have to be able to operate and move around freely. Right now because of the violence in Iraq, and the specific violence targeted towards them, they can’t do that.

There are human rights groups that are concerned, and I think that the international community is concerned as to whether or not you can have a fair trial in Iraq.


It didn't take long for the human rights groups and ex-lovers of Saddam to raise their concerns. Those people make me vomit. Does anyone with common sense think Iraqis, who suffered from Saddam and his thugs, REALLY care whether he gets a fair trial or not?

I think this trial is waste of time. Iraqis need to move on with their lives. There are more important things to worry about. Personally, I'm not paying attention to his trial. The trial gives him and his supporters self-satisfaction knowing people are following his trial. I want to make a difference. There is one less person who doesn't give a rat about him or his trial.

ABC News reports:

The terror suspects arrested in Australia early today are part of a homegrown network that's been operating for more than three years and had been working to compile bomb making components identical to those used in last summer's London subway bombings, ABC News has learned.

After announcing the arrests, Australian authorities said they had foiled a major terror attack. The 17 terror suspects, ethnically Algerian, Morrocan, Pakistani, and Lebanese but all Australian residents, thought they were well on their way to completing the purchase of the ingredients needed to make an extremely high powered acetone based homebrewed explosive and use it against major targets in two cities.
Police had been shadowing the members of the three cells for 16 months, watching as they purchased 300 liters of a chemical and waiting for them to pick up additional ingredients on their shopping list, including heat tablets and peroxide, ABC News has learned.

Heat tablets, peroxide and a strong acid are the chemicals used to make at least two kinds of homemade explosives , identical to the acetone based explosives used in the London Subway bombings last July.


I'm not surprised to know there are terror cells operating in Australia. As you know I'm an Australian citizen. I can't start to tell you how well Australia takes care of people who immigrate to it. They provide free education and free health care as well as an excellent welfare system for families to start their new lives there.

Unfortunately, these luxurious offerings spoil many people. Many abuse the welfare system to an unbelievable level. Each time I talk about these abuses on this blog, my Australian readers are puzzled because they can't believe it happens in their country. So, I'm not going to repeat it again.

It's unfortunate that some of those immigrants don't stop at abusing the system. Additionally, they try to impose their fanatical thoughts and acts on the locals. I'll bet those terrorists were planning to bomb Sydney's train system during rush hour when almost one million Sydney residents travel by the train to work or school.

Anyone who wants to hurt Australia need to be deported to their country of origin. Those people don't deserve to live in Australia. Period.

Scotsman reports:

President Jacques Chirac has declared a state of emergency to impose curfews on France's riot-hit cities and towns, an extraordinary measure to halt the country's worst civil unrest in decades after violence raged for a 12th night.
"I have decided ... to give the forces of order supplementary measures of action to ensure the protection of our citizens and their property," Chirac said.
He said France faces a "moment of truth" in fighting racial discrimination that has inflamed tempers in suburbs with large immigrant populations.


OMG, this is scary. Can the French handle the truth?

The truth is France makes delicious apple pie, bread, cheese and wine. Its cosmetic industry is the best in the world. Hey, I have to give them some credit for making our lives better. I'm serious about their apple pie. No other country's apple pie tops theirs.

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