Saturday, November 12, 2005

I Can't Shut My Mouth

I read two pieces of news this morning and couldn't stop myself from blogging. I think it's a curse more than a blessing.

Kofi Annan showed up today in Iraq:

Nov 12, 2005 — BAGHDAD (Reuters) - United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan arrived in Baghdad on Saturday for his first visit to Iraq since the fall of Saddam Hussein, a U.N. spokeswoman said.
Iraqi officials have been pressing the United Nations for months to significantly increase its involvement in humanitarian, political and reconstruction activities.


Why bother after more than two years?

Is it because you visited Jordan after the latest bombing in Amman? Maybe you thought, "Gosh, Iraqis have been going through this since April 2003. I've got to visit them while I'm in the area."

Is it because you're embarrassed of your staff involvement in the Oil-for-food scandal?

Don't tell me your conscious woke up in the last two days because I don't believe the United Nations has any sympathy for the suffering of the Iraqi people. I hope Iraqis won't be fooled by this visit.

This one is from Dallas:

A high-ranking Dallas lawman was temporarily suspended Thursday for making what critics called racially offensive comments about Southeast Texas hurricane evacuees.

At an Oct. 19 meeting of Dallas County Sheriff's Department captains, Assistant Chief Deputy Greg Leveling called Rita evacuees "ungrateful, knuckle-dragging, knee-walking Beaumontians," according to a complaint letter filed by a Dallas law enforcement union.

Leveling's comments echo stereotypical depictions of African-Americans as apes and monkeys, said Charles Bailey, a Dallas County sheriff's deputy and vice president of the Dallas County Peace Officers Association.


How rude and insulting to the people of Beaumont.

Southeast Texas didn't choose to be hit by a hurricane. Actually, when we were hit by Hurricane Rita, we were still hosting some of Hurricane Katrina's evacuees. We made certain they were protected from the storm first.

Maybe during the next hurricane season, Dallas officials can ask Ares, God of storms and hurricanes, to send the hurricanes some other direction so they won't have to deal with the evacuees.

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