Tuesday, October 25, 2005

After The Constitution

I promised myself to take a break from political blogging after Iraqis vote on the constitution. The constitution passed. No surprise there. We need to move to more pressing issues, which I'll discuss after my short break. I'm working on special assignments for my three blogs. So, it's not a real break.

But don't think I'm leaving you without an assignment. I'd like to know your opinion on pulling the troops out of Iraq. I'm not saying they need to leave NOW. I just would like to know where my readers stand. Here are my questions:

Do you think the U.S. should pull out the troops as soon as Iraqis elect their permanent government in the upcoming December elections?

If yes/no, then tell me why.

You can e-mail your answers to me if you don't feel like debating the issue publicly. I'll check the comments section too. I told you it's not a real break. It's a work break.

I'll be in Dallas for Halloween. I promise to answer all my e-mails by end of my break. OK, it's wishful thinking even for me. But, I'll try.

UPDATE 10/26/2005
Off topic. Here's a good article published in German newspaper, Der Spiegal:

Exaggerated Stories of Hurricane Chaos in New Orleans

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