Tuesday, September 27, 2005

We're Doing Well

Hi everyone,

This is a quick note to let you know that me, Mark and the people at The Beaumont Enterprise newsroom are doing well.

I'll try to post more details when I have more time. Now, I'm working temporary at The Enterprise photo department to help with photos prep, transmit photos to AP and other news agencies.

The newspaper went online after the storm. Someone knocked on the newspaper's main door the other day asking for his copy of the newspaper. He's a subscriber to the newspaper. I thought that was cute considering the situation.

Ron Frascell, the managing editor at the Enterprise started a new blog, Rita's Images, to post photos taken mostly by citizen journalists for faster access by the readers. Always, check his main blog for updates on the situation. And of f course, The Beaumont Enterprise site has the latest news and updates. I guarantee you it's much better than watching the talking heads on TV.

Hurricane Rita night was very bad. The folks at the Enterprise are doing a great job considering they didn't have electricity or phones the first day or two. They're operate now on generators.

Our apartment survived the storm. We have running water. The phone lines were fixed Saturday afternoon. Thanks to SBC. Cell phones work too. Verizon network is much better than Cingular network. You may want to consider this when you choose your next cellphone provider. Overall, we lost many tress and power lines. That's our main problem. You probably don't know that Beaumont is a city in a middle of a forest. So, you can imagine how the city looked after the storm.

They're not letting people into the city. That doesn't stop the locals from entering the city from the side roads. Everyday, I see more cars on the streets of Beaumont. People want to check on their homes. You can't just say you're not allowed into your city. It has become a joke here.

I have many things to write. I'll try to post my thoughts sometime soon.

Thank you for your e-mails, comments and prayers. I really appreciate them.

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