Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

My husband returned from Baton Rouge last night. He wrote a post about the situation on the ground.

The refugee situation is very bad. If you want to help, then help NOW. If you want to help financially, cash is the best option as the refugees have no easy access to their bank accounts or ATM machines.

UPDATE 09/02/2005
I turned off the comments for this post. I don't want to remind everyone to stay on topic. This is the second time the readers force me to take this action. If I have to take this action for a third time, then I'll turn off the comments section permenantely. This is not Raad In The Middle or Iraq The Model where people people attack each other left, right and center. Everyone is welcome to open their own blog and attack whoever they want. That's their choice.

As for truth_about_iraqis question, "When are you going back to your country of birth?"

When you're a female Iraqi -- My mon AND dad are Iraqis -- AND belongs to a minority religion, then there's no place for you in Iraq.

I left Iraq because as a girl I wasn't able to walk the streets without being harrased by Iraqi guys. It makes every Iraqi girl sick. I'm happy to be an Australian citizen where sexual harrasement is taking seriously in a country that opened its arms and heart to me.

As an Iraqi Christian, I left because we were considered second-class citzens when it comes to many things. That hasn't changed after the collapse of Saddam's regime. It's actually getting worse. Not to mention how we were prohibited from many things Christians in the Western countries take for granted.

I'm going to talk about the above two points in detail after I come back to Beaumont because I'm sick of being politically correct. Nobody in Iraq seems to care for Iraqi women or Iraqi Christians. So, why should I keep playing nice with everyone?

I belong to America and Australia as much as I belong to Iraq. Actually, those two countries gave me more protection and rights than Iraq did during the first 28 years of my life there.

I'm done with being politically correct. Actually, I should have stopped when our churches were bombed, Christian girls killed in Basra, liquor stores burned, a whole Christian village being denied the right to vote. But, I thought to keep going for the sake of a bleeding Iraq. I think I'm done because I'm tired of pleasing every Iraqi who visits this blog.

I'm an Australian citizen and I'm proud of it.

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