Friday, August 26, 2005

Queen Amidela's Weekly Report

Yesterday, I sent Queen Amidela an e-mail asking her about the clashes between Badr brigades and Sadr militia in Basra as reported in the Iraqi media. Yesterday afternoon, she sent me back this reply:

what is said in the article is true. The Sadr militia attacked Badr forces and burned their buildings, like BAHOW Al-Edara Al-Mahalia if you remember that building -- Nothing is left from the building. They fought all night. So, we didn't go to work today.

Here's the funny part. While both sides were fighting with rockets and RBGs, a British helicopter flew over the fighting area without doing anything.

The Brits are always the same. They don't get involved in any fights. They just watch the fights. For how long? Nobody knows. What would get them involved? Maybe a civil war.

Do you know the thing that impressed me the most today? There was more than one wedding in Basrah. The families celebrated as if nothing happened last night. Does that tell you something about Basrawis?

Queen Amidela

It says we ROCK. Ohh, Badr and Sadr forces are fighting each other! More reasons to celebrate :-)

Two days ago, she also sent me a letter after she read my cloudy post, "The Dark Future As We Both See It." Here's what she said:

I read this article. It's wonderful and so sad.

It came along my worries on whether we could establish a constitution - a real one - to protect the people who live here.

Today at work, one of my colleagues asked the other, "What do you really need from the constitution?"

The other answered, "I want a law - a real law - that protects me and my rights. I want a law that bring justice to me. For example, if I hit someone's car, and it was my fault, I would pay for it according to the law - not by tribal law or any other group's law. I want a real job and to be treated as a human being. I want to decide if I want to work there or stay here, without being forced by other sides. I want to talk freely without being afraid that someone will drag me and kill me."

When I heard this, I told him that it's important to make a law with all the things he said. But, the most important thing is to have an executive side to that law - one that is respected and applied. We don't have executive sides for the laws. We just have militias and those dammed parties.

I also wanted to say something about those who were elected. It's good that they were elected for this period. Now, people who were so attached to them know what they are for real.

I know Dr. Ayad Allawi wanted to be elected for this period. If you live in Basrah, you could feel that. I hope with all my heart that he gets another chance in the next election. Did you know why he didn't get elected here in Basrah and all the Shia parts of Iraq? It's simple, because he didn't want the Iranian influence here. He actually criticized their influence in one of his visits to Basrah.

There is another issue I would like to bring up. It might not have any connection to the main subject; but it's an important one: ELECTRICITY. As I pronounce the word, two questions pop up in my mind: Why? And, for how long?

During the previous regime, we accused the government of deliberately wasting the electricity or not providing it to us. Why? Well, we knew that Saddam hated us. He called the three governorates -- Basrah, Nassriyah and Ammara -- "the black governorates" because of the 1991 incidents. Saddam is gone. What's happening now? The answer is it's worse, much more worse.

For the last 12 months, we've had electricity for 12 hours per day. For the last three weeks, we haven't had electricity at all. Is the government deliberately doing this? I say they are because there is a lot of aid coming from the coalition countries. God knows where this aid is going.

So, Fay, it is really dark past, present and future.

Yours truly,
Queen Amidala

These days, Iraqis need electricity and water more than anything else. And if you live in Basra, then your really need electricity during the months of July and August when the humidity goes up to 100%. It's hell in earth.

To the readers who left me comments during the last two days: I'm not ignoring your comments or e-mails. These days, I'm into the mood of cleaning windows. Hopefully, I'll write you back tomorrow.

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