Monday, August 15, 2005

Mayada Al-Askari on Iraqi In America's Blog

While going through Iraq's situation in my head last week, Mayada Al-Askaripopped into my head. I wondered how life has been treating her these days. I wished to find her to interview her on this blog.

On Saturday, I received an unexpected e-mail from Mayada herself. She found my post where I reviewed her book and wanted to thank me. I took her e-mail as a sign that I really need to interview her. She was very kind to my request and agreed to be interviewed on my blog.

I swear I can't believe my luck. I'll send her no more than 15 questions including readers questions. Athena, I'm sure you have a question in your mind for her. You're welcome to post it in the comments section.

Call it luck, hard work, a result of reviewing her book "Mayada, Daughter of Iraq"or telepathy. I call it pure luck.

I'll assemble the questions and send them with your questions tomorrow. If you read the book, you're welcome to post your questions to Mayada.

Mayada, Daughter of Iraq
One Woman's Survival Under Saddam Hussein

UPDATE 08/30/2005
I posted the interview here.

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