Saturday, July 02, 2005

Partners For Peace

I received a pleasant e-mail from Majid, an Iraqi-American reader of my blog:

I wanted to share this news with you. IVC [International Visitors Council] has been working on this project over the past year and it is now happening! I feel very fortunate to be a part of linking the people of the city of my birth, Mosul, with Philadelphia, my current home.

OK, OK. This is not an encrypted message. Majid is talking about Mosul and Philadelphia becoming partners of peace. Here are more details:

The IVC of Philadelphia is pleased to announce that it is participating in the U.S. Department of State's "Partners for Peace" project with Mosul, Iraq.

Through IVC, officials from Iraq's third largest city will visit Philadelphia to learn about democratic governance. Committees in both countries will work to improve humanitarian conditions in Mosul.

"The IVC of Philadelphia is eager to partner with Mosul's leaders and citizens to support their transition to a democratic society," said Nancy Gilboy, President of the IVC of Philadelphia. "We've spent 51 years administering democracy-building programs and the past eleven years working with the former Soviet Union. That experience means we can hit the ground running with Mosul. We have humanitarian aid waiting to be shipped and a committee of Iraqi- Americans and generous citizen diplomats ready to help. For years, citizens in the Philadelphia area have shared their professional expertise and opened their offices and homes to guests from emerging democracies. We now look forward to engaging them with this important Mosul partnership."

How can others help? According to Gilboy, "We need volunteer Arabic-speaking translators and interpreters as well as funding to house and feed government officials. To bring students from Mosul to Drexel, Community College, La Salle and other area schools we will need scholarships funds for them."


Free Writer, an Iraqi blogger, has other news from Mosul:

You remember when I asked for a donation to educate six students during summer’s holiday and a donation introduced to us from Mr. Kosel to assist my project.
A few days ago and after seeing my blog , the Scientific Club decided to take similar further step to support teenagers and students to use their class rooms, computers, internet line in registering interested persons during summer to learn essential lessons on computer and internet , and the most important thing it is all (FREE OF CHARGE).


Another good news also , after too much talking about Thalassemia patients , efforts succeeded also last Saturday in sending first group of (six patient’s families) to Italy for treating their children also FREE OF CHARGE. I hope I can get more happy news for you in nearly future after the bad news only in last weeks


This is what we call "The Power of Blogging and Bloggers."

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