Friday, July 15, 2005

An Iraqi Quiz

I looked at my latest posts and noticed how serious they were. So, I thought to turn the channel and challenge my Iraqi readers with something more exciting than politics and religion.

Look at the picture below and tell me if you recognize the man in the middle. The man with glasses and navy shirt.

I would've never recognized him without reading the article.

You can e-mail me your answer or post it in the comments section. I'll post the answer tomorrow.

Hani -- if you're reading this -- you should know the answer easily. The picture was taken in Sweden :-)

And I have a quiz to Harry Potter fans: In your opinion, who's going to die in Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince?

I think Professor Lupin will die. I'm sure I'm wrong. Can you tell what I'm doing this weekend ?

UPDATE 07/16/2005
Best answer to the Iraqi quiz was given by AL-Shekhili, the newest Iraqi blogger:

Of Course, he is the famous Iraqi footballer, national team coach, & chief of chiefs the great & real Iraqi, Amo Baba isn’t he?

Yes, this is the picture of Amo Baba. For more pictures, check here.

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