Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Iraqi Eyelashes

© Texas Army National Guard

The Houston Chronicle reported:

In the end, a 7-year-old Iraqi boy's long, dark eyelashes may have saved his life.

Kadhem Jawad Kathem is doing well after arriving in Houston last week and undergoing a five-hour operation Tuesday at Texas Children's Hospital to "replumb" his congenitally malformed heart, his surgeon said.

Purple-lipped when he arrived because of his heart's inability to adequately circulate blood through his lungs, Kadhem is showing normal blood-oxygen levels and will likely be well enough to go home in a month.


As for the Iraqi eyelashes, my Iraqi readers can tell you more about them. Yes, most Iraqis have beautiful eyelashes. Well, I'm kind of biased here so don't ask me to prove this Iraqi myth :-)

Last June, I wrote about Dr. Hanoudi's son who was mistakenly shot by an American soldier. Well, there are some good news from Dr. Hanoudi:

...My family and I have been embarking on quite an adventurous journey, we were moving my son Nazar to Amman, Jordan hoping for a better medical care than what he was getting in Iraq for the last 15 months. Our move to Amman was made possible as a result of an astonishing gesture from a man I have not known or heard of him before, his help was extremely generous and allowed us to make the move to Amman. I have not had the honor to meet him yet, because he still insists on a total anonymity. I owe him a tremendous debt, I wish him and all his loved ones the best of health and prosperity and above all God's blessings and guidance.


I hope Dr. Hanoudi's son gets better.

Husayn has posted again. He's in a blue mood and needs your warm comments. Don't forget to stop by his blog and leave him an encouraging comment.

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