Monday, July 11, 2005

Courage and Cowardice Defined

Webster's dictionary defines cowardice as lack of courage to face danger, difficulty, opposition or pain.

The same dictionary defines courage as the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear.

This week's acts of cowardice in Iraq:

...some 25 persons were killed and other 47 injured when one person detonated himself wearing an explosive belt amid a crowd of men recruited in the Iraqi army.

The attack took place while crowds of volunteers gathered to hand over documents to join the Iraqi army, in a military center situated in al-Muthanna airport in the downtown of the capital. The place was the target of several earlier attacks.


A terrorist who detonates himself to kill innocent people never acts in courage. Instead, the brave Iraqi citizens have earned my medal of courage by continuing to enlist in the Iraqi police force while facing the danger of death.

Unfortunately, there are some who have started to abuse their new positions by abusing their fellow citizens instead of protecting them. To those policemen I say, "Let's not forget Saddam's days when his thugs used to torture innocent Iraqi people. Let's not turn the new Iraq into the old Iraq."

UPDATE 07/13/2005
24 Iraqi children died today of an act of cowardice. Japan Today reported:

Twenty-four Iraqi children were killed Wednesday by a suicide car bomber targeting American soldiers handing out sweets after entering their Baghdad neighborhood precisely to warn of a possible attack.

Some 20 more children were injured in the blast, while a U.S. soldier died and three were injured, hospital and U.S. sources said.

"A driver approached one of the U.S. Humvees and then detonated his car," said Sgt David Abrams.

Witness Mohammed Ali Hamza said U.S. forces came to the Al-Jedidah district to warn residents to stay indoors because of reports of a car bomb in the area.
Why do they attack our children? They just destroyed one U.S. Humvee, but they killed dozens of our children," he said as women screamed, slapped their faces and beat themselves over the head.

"What sort of a resistance is this? It's a crime," he added.


You know I'm so tired of this cult of suicide bombers. Most of the Muslim world is silent and keep calling those cowards "resistance" and "freedom fighters" when it comes to Iraq. But, when it comes to London bombing -- the Cancun of the Arab World -- then all of a sudden they're called "terrorists."

I'm glad to see some Muslims are trying to take their religion back from those who hijacked it. Check Karim Elsahy's "Pray 4 Peace" campaign and Ahmed's "Muslims Against Terrorism" post for more details.

UPDATE 07/14/2005
Zan left a very touching tribute to the Iraqi children who were murdered yesterday in Baghdad. Here are his words:

The field where I die the sweet way

Hello brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers. My name is hope and I have to say my valediction promptly because my senses are running out of time. I am underground-bound. You see I want to speak but I cannot. I am now mute. I want to scream but I cannot. I am now mute. I want to run but I cannot. I am now paralyzed, burned and mutilated.

Above all, I want to grow and flourish but now I cannot because after having lived only briefly, today I will die and the future shall die with me. Today I was murdered and the future was murdered with me. Today I die; hope dies!

As I am gasping my last breaths in my last day away from loved ones, away from my blue bicycle, away from my old doll, away from my neighbor Maha, with whom I played hide and seek, I find myself in a morbid hospital surrounded by disease, death and destruction. Suddenly, my mortality seems sweet, serene, pure and gentle. I shall no longer live on this morbid land. I shall no longer live under the mercy of the powers that be. I shall no longer grow and deliver my fruit on Iraq’s tainted soil.
And now I close my eyes.

And now I’ll try to sense for one last time the sweet taste of candy that the American soldier gave me; It will help me forget the bitter taste of murder that my fellow Arab Muslim has infused in me. On this summer day, I shall only die the sweet way.

Thank you Zan.

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